Why Cold Process Soap?

I get it... why would you want to buy handmade soap when you can just buy a bar of soap or body wash from the store? It' so much more convenient and....

Soap is Soap, Right?

WRONG! Sorry to break it to you, but a lot of the soap you buy at your local grocery store is not what you think it is. Sure, some of the soap can be great quality and actually benefit your skin but I'm here to tell you why handmade artisan soap is BETTER for your skin.

Let's get to the basics.

What is this so called "cold process soap?" Well, cold process soap is made using a certain soap making method called the cold process soap method. First, you take some oils, water, and sodium hydroxide (AKA lye) and mix them all together. Then they go through this process called saponification that turns all those oils into soap. If done correctly, there will be no more lye left in the final bar of soap. The soap then cures for 4-6 weeks to become a hard and long lasting bar of soap! But it's not as simple as I just explained. All these ingredients need to be correctly measured for the soap to actually be safe for your skin. Every single oil will require a different amount of lye to turn into soap.

So what is wrong with most store bought, mass produced soap?

Well, during the saponification process, glycerin is naturally made. In many mass produced store-bought soaps, the glycerin is actually removed and usually used in other products.

Why is that a big deal you ask??

Because glycerin is a natural humectant, meaning it draws water into your skin. When they glycerin is removed from the soap, this can cause the soap to be more drying on your skin. Also, many store bought soaps and body washes contain synthetic detergents making the "soap" not actually soap at all! These synthetic detergents are made of chemicals that can dry out your skin and potentially cause irritation. Synthetic detergents can not only be bad for your skin, but also bad for the environment! Many of these soaps will also contain some sort of preservative or are entirely made up of surfactants, which is not a true soap. A true soap is made with oils and lye.

All of Sudsy Soap Works soap contains this natural glycerin, making our soap more moisturizing for your skin. Another reason our soap is more moisturizing is because we do this thing called "superfatting." Superfatting basically means adding in extra oils to the soap to make it more hydrating and moisturizing.

Did you know that handmade soap can include many other ingredients that are awesome for your skin?! All of our soaps are made with kaolin clay. Clay can help draw out oils and secretions from the skin while providing a smooth finish. Coffee, tea, and even an avocado can be used in soap!

For example, avocado is rich is proteins and vitamins such as A, D, & E that help improve the skins elasticity and hydration. 

Milk can also be added into soap. Some of our soaps contain goat milk, while the rest contain coconut milk. We are actually cutting goat milk out of our soaps to become more vegan friendly. Coconut milk makes for a creamy, rich lather in soap. It helps cleanse the skin by removing impurities without making it dry.

We also make all natural cold process soap. Our natural soap contains natural colorants such as activated charcoal, clays, and spices. We use natural essential oils to scent these soaps. Natural exfoliants can also be used including coffee grounds, poppy seeds, and apricot seed powder! This is a great option for those wanting to go all natural and those with sensitivities to fragrance oils and colorants.

Our soap is free of harsh chemicals such as sulfates and parabens. Also, our soap is ACTUALLY soap, not synthetic detergents and surfactants. It can be used for either hands or body! It can cleanse, moisturize, and even exfoliate (depending on the bar). Our bars are also long lasting if used correctly (store them on a draining soap dish and away from water). 

Whether you are looking to switch up your shower or bath routine, or are just wanting to make cleaner choices for your skin, try some of our artisan soap! See what I did there? "Cleaner choices....." Because its soap.. True Soap

Thanks for reading!

Paige @ Sudsy Soap Works LLC

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